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This... is me.
Usually I describe myself as a Web, Graphic and Interface Designer, but here I'm just a fellow guy who walks on the interwebs and collects cool things that steps on my way.

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A Mermaid’s Wish, by Qinni (Tumblr | DeviantART).

Inspired by Disney’s movie “The Little Mermaid”.

#Follow Friday: Simon Tolfield

He’s from England and he’s an animator, best known for his famous series of videos “Simon’s Cat” which is about a “charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with Simon”.

He’s got quite successful that at the moment he has 4 books and 22 videos published and a cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror.

Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Currently Occupied
Night Owl
Tea for Two
Nearly Ripe
Space Doggy Painted
A Meeting of Friends
Erica Schoonmaker - Face Time portrait
Bill the Yeti toy

#Follow Friday: David Lanham

An Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Greensboro, NC who works at Iconfactory.

His imagination goes beyond! He draws really strange creatures in weird situations. All of them as a name, and some of them makes part of some “series” of drawings. Example of that is Tea for Two which is a remix of Tea for Three, Samurai Monkey and False Alarm.

He once made a series of quick portrait drawings over Face Time which got quite successful, drawing more than a hundred of portraits.

Website | Twitter | Dribbble | Flickr | Society6

Ropersand Packaging
The Essentials of A Day In Disneyland
The Skyward Sword
Levi the Lumberjack
Ivan the sea captain
The Hunter
Lino Icon Set

#Follow Friday: Rogie King

Rogie is an illustrator and designer, a huge Disney fan and a dubstep listener.

He has is own style. Generally, his illustrations have a flat and fancy looking. In design, he keeps the fancy thing, but this time allied with some nice and realistic effects.

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